A  team of four 5th Grade girls recently participated in the 12th Annual International JetToy Challenge in Detroit, Michigan on April 11th. Our team of girl power included Karlie Godfrey, Karlie Walker, Samaurie Patterson, and Ny’Asia Hunt. This once in a lifetime opportunity provided our girls with snow in the spring, new friendships, enthusiastic competition, and first flying lessons.

The JetToy Challenge is set up as a friendly competition where students (in Engineering Design Teams of 4) compete in distance, accuracy, weight carrying and timed events. In the JetToy Challenge, a fictitious toy company called EarthToy Designs presents the challenge in the form of a letter. The company wants students to provide a variety of interesting designs for a new line of balloon-powered vehicles made from inexpensive, common materials that will appeal to other children. Working in design teams, students build and test model JetToys using different nozzles, and collect and analyze data to understand the effect of nozzle size on the performance of the toys. They create other designs and test them, then give a formal presentation of their final JetToy designs.

Our girls worked collaboratively to  build a chassis, add a balloon motor, analyze and share results, and modify the vehicle based on performance observations. Their model and performance-driven results made us all proud!

We are beyond proud of their hard work at the 12th Annual International JetToy Competition! #weareGEWES

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