Teachers received professional learning on how to use Google Classrooms to increase student engagement and provide relevant educational experiences.  Technology serves as an available tool for students to explore their learning experience with their fingertips touching on the computer screen, or moving a mouse to click. It helps students build a bridge to connect their reading text to the simulated real world situation presented visually by the computer programs. It engages learners in various activities and helps their learning beyond the basic information. Technology can help students who learn differently, reach their goals.

As we begin the journey into Google Classrooms, students are motivated by this technology in the way it helps to organize and present information. In the picture, students in Mrs. Truitt’s 4th grade class are using Google slides to show the main idea and supporting details of the book, “So You want to be President?” They were allowed to start with a blank presentation or a book report format. It was requested that they use words, and pictures to show what they learned from the story.

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